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Terms and Conditions

E.R. SA, Belgium entity located in Brussels, 6 Rond Point Schuman 1040 Brussels with an office in Paris and Brussels. E.R. SA provides High standards vacation rentals located in Europe to direct / indirect customers in order to provide them the best of European Travel Experience. 

Acceptance of General Terms

By submitting an online application, email or by sending a booking request via this website, the customer fully understands and accepts the terms and conditions of this website.

By reserving a property, the customer fully understands and accepts the specific rental terms and conditions of this property. This acceptance is established if the said conditions are clearly mentioned and accessible at the time of booking on the apartment page.

Quality Charter

To respond effectively and professionally to customer expectations and in line with the commercialization mandate signed with each owner or their legal representative, E.R. SA reserves the right to visit all properties published on this platform, or to perform a strict control to ensure the correctness of the information and the quality of the provision of on-site service.

To monitor the customer before, during and after each stay, E.R. SA the right to handle each post-service complaint as a mediator. Mediation will enable an amicable solution between the owner or his/her legal representative and the customer.


Please note that payment of a deposit enables us to hold a property for you but does not guarantee the apartment. The reservation can only be guaranteed once E.R. SA - or the partner agency partner - receives full payment for the reserved property.

Cancellations and Changes

Any cancellation or modification expressed by the customer will be sent to this website by email only. Conditions of modification and cancellation are provided by default by the owners as follows:

• Any reduction or extension of stay is subject to the approval of the owner or the legal representative. E.R SA will act as a mediator to find a solution for accommodating both parties.

• For cancellations sent more than 15 days prior to arrival, E.R SA are required to refund 50% of the total booking price.

• For cancellations sent between 15 days and the arrival date, no refund will be granted.

• Exceptional cases: In exceptional cases, E.R SA will defend the cause of a Agency / client to the owner or legal representative for the non-application of the cancellation conditions. This clause will be at the sole discretion and decision of the owner or legal representative. This service provided by E.R SA does not create any liability of result on the part of E.R SA.

• It is the customer's responsibility to take out insurance to meet any unforeseen situation.

Check in and Onsite services

Check in process and onsite services are clearly mentioned on each accommodation page. E.R. SA or the Agency partner will provide again those information at least 15 days prior arrival.

Privacy Policy

The private limited liability company E.R SA applies all the directives of the European Union on the protection of user data. Thus E.R SA engages to:

  • Never rent or sell data used in its business to any third party, business or individual users.

  • Never store credit card data of its users.